Skyward World: Guild Merge

Located at Sulan Palace Entrance, Guild Leaders can now send a request to another guild to invite for a merge!
When the request is accepted, both guilds will enter a Preparation Phase for 48 hours. During this phase, both guild leaders will need to confirm the merger via NPC Jan Halabin, and will then enter the Announcement Phase for 24 hours.
(Note: The merge can be cancelled anytime during both of the above phases)


There are various things that must be taken note of before considering to merge guilds.

  • The total number of members in both guilds cannot exceed the maximum member limit of the final guild (sender guild).
  • Total amount of items in guild inventory cannot exceed the maximum inventory limit of the final guild (sender guild).
  • Guilds set as enemies cannot merge
  • The guild that sends the merge request must reserve at least 1 squad team of each type (e.g. Green Dragon Team, White Tiger Team)
  • If any guilds are currently challenged, they cannot merge
  • If any players in guild registered as Merchant for Guild Merchant Run, guild cannot merge
  • Guild Merge feature has a 30 day cooldown.

(Note: The guild who sent the invitation will be the final guild who stays, whereas the recipient guild will be merged into it)


Step 1 - Sending a Merge Invitation

  • The Guild Leader of the main guild will send a merge request via NPC Jan Halabin, which can be found at the entrance of the Palace of Sulan Elite Quarters
  • Key in the [Guild ID] of the recipient guild and confirm sending the merge request.
  • The recipient Guild Leader will receive a merge application, if agreed, the procedure will move to Step 2.


Step 2 - Preparation Phase

  • When the request is accepted, both guilds will automatically enter a Preparation Phase for 48 hours.
  • During this phase, both guild leaders must head to NPC Jan Halabin again to agree to the merger.
  • If either guilds cancels the merger or did not respond to NPC Jan Halabin within the Preparation Phase (48 hours), the merger fails.
  • If both guilds have officially agreed to the merger at NPC Jan Halabin, Preparation Phase immediately ends and the procedure will move to Step 3.

Step 3 - Announcement Phase

  • With official agreement on both guilds, they will enter the Announcement Phase for 24 hours. (Note: It is recommended to not perform any changes (e.g. Changing guild members, extracting items, adjusting guild positions etc.) that may affect this critical process.)
  • When the Announcement Phase ends, both guilds will complete the merger process!

**Note: During both ‘Preparation Phase’ and 'Announcement Phase', guild leaders of either side can always forfeit the merge via NPC Jan Halabin.


  • All members of the recipient guild will all be set as 'Member' positions upon merging into the final guild.
  • All players in the sender guild will retain their initial guild position as they stay in their guild.
  • All guild resources from the recipient guild will be combined into the final guild.
  • The recipient guild will be disbanded after merge is complete


Upon the completion of a Guild Merge, the guild will enjoy several events! (Note: These events has a cooldown of 30 days per guild)

Event 1 - Bonuses on Guild Red Envelope Sign-In

  • Free and discounted Imperial coins Guild Envelope Sign-in
  • Bonus Guild Fealty on Aurum Guild Envelope Sign-in
  • Lasts 7 days (Starts on merge date)

Event 2 - Bronze Shard Bonus from 35 and 50 Sign-In Guild Red Envelope

  • 50% Bronze Shard bonus from 35 Sign-In Guild Red Envelope
  • 100% Bronze Shard bonus from 50 Sign-In Guild Red Envelope
  • Lasts 14 days (Starts on merge date)


Event 3 - Free Guild Name Change

  • Head to NPC to change your guild's name
  • Must be performed within 7 days upon guild merge

Event 4 - Welcoming Guild Bonfire

  • On the first day of the merge, Guild Bonfire will be upgraded to welcome new members! Please gather up everyone to take the opportunity to give a sweet welcome to new friends!
  • A Chest will be spawned for grabs by members, and each will be able to get some guild-related rewards!
  • A small sized Guild Red Envelope with bronze shards will also be available for grabs specifically for new members!


With all of the above, may we wish you a prosperous future in the merged guild!

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