Scour Dungeons: Guide & Contest!

Welcome to our guide regarding Scour Dungeons – a method for adventurers to test themselves against all manner of Nuanor’s villains in a rewarding PvE arena format. Once you have claimed your full prize, you may even transform into a monster yourself and pester fellow adventurers who are looking to do the same!
Want to get a taste on what's expecting you? First, watch our new trailer about one of the scour dungeons - Oneiric Trials and once ready, try for yourself scour dungeons to participate in our GIF contest!

General Information

Double Experience


Life Skills & Bloodlust Brews


GIF contest

Do you have what it takes to tackle the challenges of Scour Dungeons? Then join our GIF contest on our social media channels!

From March 24th to 29th, head over to our official social media pages and post a gif of the monsters in a Scour dungeon with the hashtag #ROTrials.
Whether it be one of your unfortunate friends who have transformed or the ones that they can kill - bring life to the Scour Dungeons!


20x Butterfly Wings - Daytime White
Sound wacky enough for you? Then here’s how it works…


  • Only entries uploaded to and shared via Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #ROTrials and #GIF between March 24th and March 29th (23:59 CEST/11:59pm PDT) will be eligible.
  • Please make sure you have your messages open and you have liked our page.
  • Content must be related to Revelation Online.
  • Content must include monsters from the Scour Dungeon Oneiric Trials.
  • The gif can feature several characters – however, only the creator can be awarded a prize.
  • Entries cannot contain any material that violates the Revelation Online Forum Code of Conduct, Forum Terms of Service or account Terms of Service.
  • Any and all players are subject to disqualification at any point before, during, and after this competition for violating the Terms of Service or any of our rules of participation.
  • The winners will be determined by the subjective judgement of the Revelation Online team and winners will be announced a few days later.

We look forward to seeing your wacky creations and wish you the best of luck, both in-game and in the competition.


There are many Scour Dungeons to conquer, hero. Show the residing monsters your true power and enjoy the experience it provides. We’ll no doubt be creating articles on some of the specific Scour Dungeons in the near future, so until then, we hope you found this guide insightful.
Thank you for reading and good luck in your next adventure!

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