Sale: Survival Mounts

Feel like your mount needs a bit of a rest but don’t want to run around on foot? Need some company on your ride? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Until January 16th, 14:00 CET (5am PDT), you can get an assortment of amazing and multi-person mounts to help you traverse any terrain that Nuanor has to offer.

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Item Description Price
1 Meteor Rickshaw Two-person Mount - Let Someone Else Drive! 2,499 Aurum
2 Frost Lens Two-person Mount - Float among the stars! 2,499 Aurum
3 Ancient Peregrine Two-person Mount - Soar throughout the skies! 2,499 Aurum
4 Bloodfang Colossus Five-person Mount - This scary beast is ready for you and 4 friends with ride it around Nuanor! 2,499 Aurum
5 Mid-level Mount Stone Necessary materials for superior mount advancement. After the Fusion level for your superior mount has reached the upgrade requirements, open the Stamina panel and select Mount Advancement. 119 Aurum
6 Mount Boost Spirit - Extreme Medicine that speeds up mount fusion. Using it can increase fusion efficacy for the current mount for 30 days. 119 Aurum

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Meteor Rickshaw
Frost Lens
Ancient Peregrine
Bloodfang Colossus

Don't let this amazing offer pass you by and miss your chance to cool yourself off on this relaxing ride.

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