Sale: Power of Love

It is the fault of the fluttering butterflies, those dizzying mind changing things, that make us act so strangely. We perfect our posture, we refine our elegance, we become experts in table manners, all to appease these little butterflies within our chests!
This February, we honor these butterflies in our latest sale! Our love-induced discounts include a selection of items so vast, we can barely comprehend our reasoning!
Beginning February 13th, all manner of materials, items, and elements designed to give you and your character that extra boost, that extra edge, will be up for the taking!

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Here's a full list of enhancements we have on tap:

This February is all about perfecting you! Purchase what you can as soon as you can! These discounts are too steep to last long and expire February 16th at 14:00 CET (5am PST)!
Love is not a destination, it is a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. What will you improve?

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