Sale: My Pretty Weapons - March 22, 2019

Poets say the prettiest and most beautiful things, in all the world, cannot be seen, or even touched. These poets have obviously never been on the wrong end of a Flameborn Axe, or seen a Glacier Silver Orb in motion! If so, they might have sung a different tune. After all an Ancient Valley Spear in the hands of the right Gunslinger, is enough to make a blind Darkscale shudder!
From March 22, 12:00 (3am PST) until March 24, 23:59 CET (2:59pm PST), our sale brings together the prettiest and most beautiful weapons in all of Nuanor!

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If you don't already have a favorite pretty and specialized weapon under your belt; or if you have yet to acquire all of the specialized and pretty weapons to interchange into your belt, then a visit to our newly packed armory will put you right!


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