Sale: Love Gives You Wings

When we hold love in our hearts, our souls take flight. Rise above the trifling details of the quotidian and discover the finest wings in our latest sale!

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From now until 14:00 CET (05:00 a.m. PST) on February 22, grab a pair of wings from our "Love Gives you Wings" sale, then take to the skies with your special someone! It's really that simple!

Item Description Price
1 Butterfly Wings - Brilliant (Gold quality) Enjoy a brilliant day in the sky with those gold quality butterfly wings. 3,999 Aurum
2 Faery Wings - Pure Music (Gold quality) Music and sparkling gold quality wings are all you need these days! 3,999 Aurum
3 Butterfly Wings - Daytime White (Blue quality) Catch the daylight with these Butterfly Wings. 1,499 Aurum
4 Butterfly Wings - Night Black (Blue quality) Never be afraid of the dark again! 1,499 Aurum
5 Butterfly Wings - Yin-yang (Purple quality) These purple quality wings help you maintain the balance. 1,869 Aurum

Even the cleverest Emollion poets is lost for words when they behold the interplay of beating hearts and silky susurration of these whimsical wings. Experience it for yourself--don these noble feathers and dazzle the denizens of Nuanor!

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Brilliant Butterfly Wings
Pure Music Faery Wings
Daytime White Butterfly Wings
Night Black Butterfly Wings
Yin-yang Butterfly Wings

Where will your love take you?

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