Sale: Felinar

Promotion Period: November 29, 18:00 CET (9:00 am PST) – November 30, 23:59 CET (2:59pm PST)
Item: Felinar (bound)
There are two types of Revelation Online player, those that own an Exquisite Mount in the shape of a giant adorable bounding cat, and those that want one permanently in their gaming life. Thanks to this time-limited sale, you can become one of the former and never have to go through the anguish of being among the latter ever again!


Felinar isn’t just a big furball, of course, but one able to shoulder its owner around Nuanor as well as up to four passenger friends. They also have decent stats for a mammoth-sized furball that in real-life you probably wouldn’t want to see curled up sleep on your PC…

Non-combat Stamina Skill recovery +5.0%
Stamina Value recovered while mounted +25.0%
Running speed 10.5 m/s
Dashing speed 17.4 m/s
Swimming speed 2.5 m/s
Surface skipping speed 10.1 m/s
Flying speed 10.5 m/s
Running speed 21.0 m/s
Sprinting Stamina Use 14.0 points/sec
Darting Stamina Use 13.0 points/sec

Being a cat, Felinar will become impatient with being on sale, just as you were about to make a purchase. You might want to avoid the inevitable by looking for your preferred method of payment now.


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