Sale: Fashion Weekend

Not quite ready for the Fashion Week? Want to find the finishing touches to go with your outfit? Then our exclusive web shop offer is for you.
Until January 14, 14:00 CET (5am PDT), our Fashion Weekend Sale offers the perfect hairdo for everyone and our shiny dyes will make you stand out at the catwalk in no time!

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And if you’re tired of your current look or even gender, feel free to change it by using the Cosmetic Appointment Card or Gender Change Card.

Item Description Price
1 Short Silver (Male Only) Look slick with Short Silver hairstyle! 599 Aurum
2 Life of Leisure (Male Only) Enjoy a Life of Leisure with this hairstyle! 599 Aurum
3 Wildheart (Female Only) Feel wild and free with the Wildheart hairstyle! 599 Aurum
4 Smoky Locks (Female Only) Feel smokin' hot this summer with the Smoky Locks hairstyle! 599 Aurum
5 Gender Change Card Switch out your gender and appearance with the Gender Change Card! 1,499 Aurum
6 Cosmetic Appointment Card Change your body type and appearance with the Cosmetic Appointment Card! 699 Aurum
dye1 Cinnabar Tears This is a legendary red dye. 99 Aurum
dye2 Gold Round This is a legendary golden dye. 99 Aurum
dye3 Dark Ink This is a legendary black dye. 99 Aurum
dye4 Morning Frost This is a legendary white dye. 99 Aurum
dye5 Thin Red This is a rare pink dye. 49 Aurum
dye6 Pink Sakura This is a rare light pink dye. 49 Aurum
dye7 Red Gold This is a rare gold dye. 49 Aurum
dye8 Quicksand This is a rare brown dye. 49 Aurum
dye9 Moonwater This is a rare blue dye. 49 Aurum
dye10 Butterfly Flash This is a rare lilac dye. 49 Aurum
dye11 Water Lily This is a rare purple dye. 49 Aurum
dye12 White Silver This is a rare silver dye. 49 Aurum

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Short Silver
Life of Leisure
Smoky Locks

Don't let this amazing offer pass you by...because you're worth it!

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