Sale: Everwinter - May 1, 2018

A chance encounter amid the crests of Snowpine Ridge can end in surprising ways. Ren and Hae were two ordinary people that soon became smitten by the charms and intrigues of the other. This is their tale. What will yours be this Everwinter?

In our latest installment of wintry goodness, we have assembled an extra dusting of elegance to accentuate your characters!


You will find:

Item Price
0 Everwinter Suit (m) 1,349 Aurum
1 Everwinter Dress (f) 1,349 Aurum
2 Everwinter Spectacles (m) 749 Aurum
3 Everwinter Antler Veil (f) 749 Aurum
4 Everwinter Snow Globe Headpiece (m) 749 Aurum
5 Everwinter Snow Globe Headpiece (f) 749 Aurum
7 Snow Globe Mount 2,599 Aurum

1 / 1
Everwinter Suit & Spectacles
Everwinter Dress & Antler Veil
Everwinter Snow Globe Headpiece (m)
Everwinter Snow Globe Headpiece (f)
Snow Globe Mount

The Everwinter Sale ends May 5, 14:00 CEST (5am PDT), as such, it’s not only important to look good, it’s also important to act fast!

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