Sale: Cuckoo Mounts - December 19, 2018

If the Cuckoo mount wasn’t so darned massive, it would probably be the cutest thing you could wrap your legs around in order to get from A to B. Sadly, we can’t do much about its stature, but we can at least reduce its price.

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Hence, the Cuckoo Mount Sale, which ends December 20, 23:55 CET (2:55pm PST), until which time you can enjoy a towering discount on many Cuckoo Mount variations. Surfing Cuckoo aside, you can check out the discounts on the full menagerie right here:

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Cuckoo (Mount)
Fragrant Foliage Skin
Captain Cuckoo Skin
Cosmic Cuckoo Skin
Pirate Cuckoo Skin
Harvester Cuckoo Skin
Explorer Cuckoo Skin
Chilly Cuckoo Skin

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