Sale: Collector Packs must go!

As we ready ourselves for next week’s New Sulan update, we have to make room for all the new and exciting things it will bring. Part of this process is to remove from sale the current range of Collector Packs, which is a shame because there’s a lot of great stuff that’s suddenly going to become unavailable.
In order to help you avoid the regret of holding out for too long, effective immediately we’re reducing the price of the Inventor Pack, Wild Wind Pack and Deluxe Collector Pack by a massive 20%. The discount will remain until all three packs are permanently removed from sale on September 23rd, 23:59 CEST (23:59 CEST/14:59 PDT).
This could be one of your very last chances to grab a pair of Silvermoon Wings, a Moondrinker Mount or the Inventor Outfit, so be sure to check out these great collections before it’s too late!


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