Safe Haven Update Coming Soon!

Get ready to pack your belongings and give yourself a new home away from home – the next update, Safe Haven, will be bringing you the long-awaited apartment feature.

Furthermore, if you enjoyed the Mythos system, you will love Scene Chronicle – a means to delve into the lore of your Nuanor surroundings and discover the secrets of its most renowned landmarks.
Whether looking to set your roots in a new home, or wander the land as a homeless explorer, the Safe Haven update has something for you. Many more housing option are in development - so, while waiting for that to arrive, why not take a seat in your new apartment and enjoy some light reading on what you can expect from your new home in Nuanor?


After reaching level 49 you’ll be able to buy your very own private property – a place to decorate, invite friends, and gain daily experience. To begin, head over to the Tortoise Inn to lease your own apartment from the Volopine standing inside.
Each floor of your new abode will be instanced and contain 9 rooms (meaning you can have up to 8 neighbours). Each one will have a designated nameplate to help people find their specific room. You’ll be free to customize your own apartment into a style you prefer: elegant, colourful, or traditional, and can also give a copy of your door-key to five of your friends, allowing them to visit your new apartment.


Some of the decorative furniture and belongings are interactive, such as sitting on the couch or in a chair, taking a bath, or trying on new clothes in your own spacious closet. Some of this interactivity will be available to the guests, but will only be fully unlocked to you and your spouse.


In celebration of your new home, you can receive various home-warming gifts from certain NPCs in Sulan, Sidus Ur and Fort Whetstone to help you begin the decorative process. During this event, you can also purchase a special box from Volopines: 15,000 Imperial Notes for a box that contains 100 VIP Coupons (daily).


Lastly, the first and most important question: how big an apartment do you seek? Well, there are 3 sizes to choose from: small, medium, and large. The larger the apartment room, the more expensive it is. In addition, Medium and Large rooms require specific housing coupons, whereas small rooms will only cost Imperial Coins.


Think carefully before you purchase no matter whether you’re a bachelor, happily married, or looking for a party-pad to regularly invite your friends. If you wish to keep up appearances, then owning a place that is too big (or too small) may lead to regret.

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