RO is looking for Moderators!

Hello everyone,
We are looking for the next handful of players that would like to join our Moderation team for Revelation Online. Being a moderator for the Revelation Online team is a volunteer role within the community. You will represent the community and meet with the MY.GAMES Staff to discuss issues, moderate Discord, collect feedback and suggestions for the present and future of Revelation Online.
Do you love Revelation Online and play it on a regular basis? Is Discord your second home whenever you can spare a few minutes outside of world of Nuanor? Are you patient, understanding and love to help? If so, we are currently looking for new moderators!

What is a moderator?

Moderators are the bridge between players and the MY.GAMES team. Moderators can help mediate issues and provide guidance, help prevent conflicts from escalating and taking care that the forums Code of Conduct is being executed correctly. Additionally, they can help the Team by providing different perspectives on various issues/topics which are currently being discussed within the community.
Moderators are generally good individuals to go to for advice on game and for questions. Moderators also have a direct link to the Revelation Online Team and therefore have the ability to alert the MY.GAMES Team about any critical issues that need immediate attention. You can recognize Moderators by their Light Blue ‘Moderator’ tag on our Discord channel.
This group of players will have no affiliation with MY.GAMES and will directly help the community team in the cause of everything Revelation Online. Moderators are normal players that express special interest in the game and its community.

Moderators Mission

Assisting the Community Managers in Revelation Online related issues and Moderating Discord.

What makes a Moderator?

  • Leaders within the Community.
  • Players who are active on Discord.
  • Players who engage in discussions with players via Discord.
  • Experienced players who are familiar with the workings of the game.
  • Players who bring not only constructive criticism but also ideas and suggestions for improvement.


What is the role of a Moderator?

  • A Moderator is a community representative who aims to do the following:
  • Gather and present community concerns (issues, questions, suggestions) through Discord discussions.
  • Discuss with MY.GAMES the possible approaches for top concerns.
  • Relay the team's findings from discussions back to the community and field further questions.
  • Moderate Discord.



  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Knowledgeable of the game
  • Good written English skills
  • Helpful, respectful and is always polite
  • Able to work within a team
  • Good understanding of the Code of Conduct

Please note: Applications that do not meet the requirements will be automatically rejected. Only those who are truly motivated and meet the requirements above should apply.
If you meet the requirements above feel free to apply on this form. Once we receive your application the Community Management team will review it. Should we agree on you being a good fit, we will contact you via PM on Discord.
Here are some of the questions you will encounter when filling out the form:

  • What is your motivation for applying?
  • Why should we accept you instead of someone else?
  • What is your experience with the community?
  • Do you have any experience from other communities?
  • What experience do you have helping people find solutions to their problems?
  • What is the importance of confidentiality in this position?
  • Have you ever been banned or had any disciplinary action taken against you?
  • Some information about yourself.

Please be aware that our teams are taking care of much more than just discord channels and may not react immediately to your form. If you receive a PM from one of our Community Managers, please respond accordingly. We may also ask you additional questions which are not present within the form.

Apply Today via our Google Form!

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