Revelation Online is coming to Steam!

Revelation Online will soon be joining stablemates Skyforge and Armored Warfare on Steam, so if you want to freely download and play the game in the cozy familiarity of Steam’s social framework, soon you’ll be able to do just that!
The availability of Revelation Online on Steam is exciting for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious is that it’ll share the same space as hundreds of great games and allow access to Steam’s vast community and features, such as the Steam forums, Broadcasting and Trading Cards. True, similar features have long been part of the GameCenter or available in-game already, but Steam’s popularity as the world’s largest PC games distribution platform makes it a fertile hunting ground for recruiting new players to Revelation Online’s cause.
As with all games available through Steam, Revelation Online will be accessible via the Steam version of the GameCenter, which is functionally the same as the GameCenter we all know and love, save for one key difference: It will automatically log players via their Steam accounts. This means that if you just want to continue playing via your regular account, there will be no need to sign in through Steam. Essentially, to play Revelation Online via Steam at launch, you will be required to start a new character.
Please refer to our FAQ for questions related to game access, account creation and purchases made through Steam. If you have any subsequent questions or concerns, please get in touch via the usual channels.
We can all agree that these are exciting times for Revelation Online as it prepares to receive new players from Steam. We will be celebrating the Steam launch of the game with special competitions and prizes, so stay tuned over the coming week for more details as they are released.
Let the countdown commence!



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