Ready Player Sun: Mount Menagerie!

If you are lacking wings or suffering from aerial arthritis, are tired of riding around Nuanor on the same old mount, have a case of heroic blisters on your feet, or just want to give your stable full of beasts of burden a well-earned rest, then you may very well find our Mount Menagerie deal to your liking!
You can grab these items from the web shop before the sale ends on September 5 at 23:59 CEST (2:59 p.m. PDT).


Item Price in Argents Discount
1 Skyfeather Guardian 2,999 50%
2 Spirit of Valiance 2,999 50%
3 Felinar 3,125 50%
4 Misha 3,125 50%
5 Corgi 1,999 50%
6 Cuckoo 1,999 50%
7 Fluffy 1,999 50%
8 Peeps 1,999 50%

1 / 1
Skyfeather Guardian
Spirit of Valiance

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