Raise Hell with the Demon Hunter Pack!

The wicked lieutenants of the City of the Demon Gods are no match for Demon Hunters! Prepare to slay ancient horrors with a new selection of intimidating yet stylish gear, plus a special player title for heroes committed to exorcising evil from Nuanor.
The Demon Hunter Pack contains:

  • Outfit: Nightstalker Attire Brocade Box
  • Headpiece or Hairpiece: Nightstalker Accessory Brocade Bag
  • Footstep Radiance: Mist of the Nightstalker
  • Player Title: Demon Hunter

1 / 1
Nightstalker Attire & Headpiece (Small Female)
Nightstalker Attire & Headpiece (Medium & Tall Female)
Nightstalker Attire & Headpiece (Male)
Mist of the Nightstalker Radiance

The Demon Hunter Pack is available from the MY.GAMES Market, where you’ll find an irresistible selection of chests, packs, and items for use in Revelation Online. You can also purchase the Demon Hunter Pack from Steam!

Equip your new gear and eternally banish those fiery fiends from the City of the Demon Gods, where you can tackle the hellish new 10-player raid introduced in the Skyward World update!

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