For some of you, fighting artificial intelligence is just not enough. You seek the challenge of facing an opponent of flesh and blood who knows what your next move is going to be. If you want to experience the true feeling of crossing steel, the various PvP modes in Revelation Online are for you! Our new trailer gives you a taste of what to expect!

Open World PvP

Once you reach level 40, you can put your skills to the test and attack any player above this level. But think twice before engaging in a fight! If your would-be opponent doesn’t fight back, you will receive harsh penalties for your actions, such as having your items durability reduced or possibly even losing some of your valuable currency. If you are not up to PvP, you can activate Peace mode, but beware: players in Slaughter mode will still be able to cause you harm!

Fear not, as you explore the world of Nuanor, you will also come across multiple “sanctuaries” where PvP is not allowed and guards are stationed to keep you safe! Here you can mend your wounds and prepare for future battles. For those of you still thirsting for blood, there is an island available where no penalties will be imposed upon you when killing other players!


Arenas, Battlegrounds and Guild Wars

Arenas are an essential part of PvP. Revelation Online is no exception. Brawl for bragging rights in 3vs3 or last-man-standing arenas and be well rewarded with fame and powerful equipment that will aid you in battle.
Battlegrounds: Fight enemy players in 10v10, 20v20, or 30v30 battlegrounds! From “Capture the flag” to “Warfare” - there is something for everyone.
Guild Wars: Team up with your guild mates and fight opponent guilds in instanced areas. Get ready for 30vs30 or 50vs50 battles and soar up the leader board.


Capture multiple controllable territories throughout the world of Nuanor, each of them holding a mighty castle or smaller fortresses. Besiege one of them in order to control the adjacent cities. But make sure to be well prepared. It’s not enough to fight enemy players. The elements guarding the territories won’t give in easily! Participate in Aerial Combats to capture territories far up in the sky.


Do you have what it takes to become a Warlord in Revelation Online?

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