Promotion: Treasure Hunt - April 10, 2020

If you plan to upgrade your equipment, wings or mounts on your character or just enjoy hunting for treasures, then our promotion will come in handy!
From April 10, 17:00 CEST (08:00 a.m. PDT) until April 16, 23:59 CEST (02:59 p.m. PDT), you can join the Treasure Hunt by earning coins and exchanging them for excellent gifts. The more coins you collect, the more rewards you will receive! Please note that the data refreshes once every hour.

How to earn coins

  • Each Red Ticket used gives 1 coin.
  • Each opened Precious Mount Box gives 2 coins.
  • Each Red Phlogiston used in refinement gives 3 coins.
  • Each Azure Ticket used gives 3 coins.
  • Each opened Spirit Feather Box gives 4 coins.
  • Each Azure Phlogiston used in refinement gives 9 coins.
  • Each Large Sacred Object Treasure Map, Enchanted Treasure Map, or Spiritual Object Treasure Map used gives 28 coins. You can use old and new maps.


Treasure Hunt Rewards

  • 35 Coins: White Jade x25
  • 70 Coins: Exquisite Synergy Horn x6
  • 200 Coins: Azure Ticket x10
  • 350 Coins: Advanced Skill Key Chest x1
  • 550 Coins: Refined Dragon Water x1 & Diluted Royal Ink x1


Happy Hunting!


When will I receive my rewards?
As soon as you've collected the necessary amount of coins to receive your gift, it will be automatically sent to your web inventory. All rewards are bound.
Does it matter how the items were purchased?
No. You earn coins for using objects or opening boxes during the event period. It does not matter where and when you purchased them.
Can I get the same gift twice?
No, each gift will only be sent once. There is no reward beyond 550 coins.
Can I collect coins on different characters of my account?
Yes. All coins that you have collected with any character on the account will be added up.
How can I track my progress?
You can follow the progress on the promotion page. Please note that the data refreshes once every hour.
I have used several Azure Phlogistons at the same time to upgrade my equipment. Will I get coins for each of them?
What should I do if I have fulfilled the conditions but the coins were not credited?
Please contact our support team. They will be able to assist you. Don't forget to check your web inventory though!
Are these gifts bound or can I transfer them to another player?
All gifts are bound and cannot be transferred to another player.

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