Promotion: Top-up of Love

Love is in the air and no matter who won your heart this holiday season, we are showing a bit of our own love to you! Starting February 13th, additional Aurum bonuses will be found in every top-up order! You could say Aurumance is in the air!
You have until February 16th, 14:00 CET/5am PDT to get your additional 20% Aurum when topping up your current stash of cash (and just in time for date night too)!


Note: After topping up your account on the website, you will need to select the server and relevant character on your user page to transfer your newly minted Aurum into the game.
Aurum can be used to buy Premium Service, enjoy the latest web shop offers, or to go on a shopping spree on the in-game shop.
Remember, you only have until February 16th, 14:00 CET/05:00 PST to act, so don't delay!

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