Promotion: Pets & Power

From February 17, 11:00 (server time), to March 10, 12:00 (server time), you can take part in our brand new promotion: Pets and Power which will allow you to boost your Battle Companion arsenal and also make you stronger!


Please note that only Aurum that is spent in the in-game store will be rewarded! It doesn’t matter if you exchanged the Aurum or purchased it on the website. Gifts will also count towards the promotion. Gifts will also count towards the promotion.

Aurum spent in-game Reward
1,000 The choice between x30 Exquisite Synergy Horns or x20 Red Tickets.
2,000 The choice between x15 Skill Hexes or x15 AzureTickets.
5,000 The choice between x2 4-Star Rare Battle Companion Scrolls or x1 Advanced Rune Box.
10,000 The choice between x2 Advanced Skill Key Chests or x2 Refined Dragon Water.
20,000 You will be able to get the remaining 4 out of 8 items that you didn’t previously choose.

To choose your items, simply head to the in-game store and select the "Pets & Power" icon. Once you have chosen your items, these items will be gifted automatically to your in-game mail.

Not enough Aurum? No problem! Just follow the link and top up now!

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