Promotion: Moonlight Elegance

From June 12, 12:00 CEST (3:00 a.m. PDT) until July 5, 23:00 CEST (2:00 p.m. PDT), you have the chance to obtain the most exquisite Ausgythian Fashion! Beautiful outfits, charming accessories and man’s best friend? What more is there to want!
Head in-game and shop until you drop! The more Aurum you spend in our Moonlight Elegance promotion, the better the rewards will be:

Aurum spent in-game Reward
2,000 Holy Treasure Fragment Bag x1 (Provides Ethereal Fragments) AND the choice between Master of the Taiko Drum OR Corgi's Travels Backpack.
5,000 Holy Treasure Fragment Bag x2 (Provides Ethereal Fragments) AND the choice between New Moon Regalia OR Puppy Ears.
10,000 Holy Treasure Fragment Bag x3 (Provides Ethereal Fragments) AND the choice between New Moon Outfit OR Faithful Companion.
20,000 Holy Treasure Fragment Bag x4 (Provides Ethereal Fragments) AND the choice between Festival Corgi OR Lunar Radiance.
50,000 Holy Treasure Fragment Bag x5 (Provides Ethereal Fragments) AND you will be able to get the remaining 4 out of 8 items that you didn’t previously choose.

1 / 1
Master of the Taiko Drum
Corgi's Travels Backpack
New Moon Regalia (Small Female)
New Moon Regalia (Medium & Large Female)
New Moon Regalia (Male)
Puppy Ears
New Moon Outfit (Small Female)
New Moon Outfit (Medium & Large Female)
New Moon Outfit (Male)
Faithful Companion
Festival Corgi
Lunar Radiance

Please note: Only Aurum spent in the in-game Cash Shop will provide you with these rewards! It doesn’t matter if you exchange in-game or purchase it from the website. Gifts given in game will also count!
To claim your rewards, simply head to the in-game store and click the Moonlight Elegance icon. Once you’ve decided which rewards you want to have, the items will appear in your mail. All items will be bound upon obtaining.


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