Producer Q&A II

Welcome to the second episode of our Producer Q&A, where the developers answer questions from the community. If you have a question, let us know and we’ll do our best to have it featured in the next producer Q&A!

When do you plan to release the New Sulan update?
We are currently preparing and planning to launch the New Sulan update before the end of summer. You can keep an eye on our announcements for future updates.

What will be included in the New Sulan update? Will it just be a visual update or will it contain all of the same content as the Chinese version?
The New Sulan update isn't just a visual update, while Sulan is being updated visually, there will be all new features and mechanics added within the update as well, which we will be providing more information on in the future. We are currently aiming for the base content of the New Sulan build to be included in our intial release, meaning that our update for New Sulan will not be identical to the Chinese version on launch. An example of this is that we are not planning to include the new MOBA PvP 5v5 to the first release of New Sulan. Our main priority is the version stability, and this is why several modes and features will be included at later date.

We look forward to sharing more information about New Sulan before and up to the release. Stay tuned!"

Are you planning to do any events specific for PVE players?
In short, yes! We are planning several PVE related events and we will be announcing one very soon! Keep an eye on our news in June and look out for our even bigger and more interesting event in July!

Stay tuned for future updates to our Producer Q&A and share your questions with us on the forums and social media!


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