Pick up the Steam Deluxe Pack at myLoot

If you’ve been jealously eyeing up the content packs that went on sale to celebrate the recent launch of Revelation Online on Steam, we’re happy to announce that the biggest and best of them, the Steam Deluxe Pack, can now be bought from loot.my.com.
Aside from containing an incredible selection of outfits and an iconic pair of Champion Wings, you’ll get the unforgettable Wishkas mount – the purrfect way to get around whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran.


Be aware that that the myLoot edition of the Steam Deluxe Pack does not contain 30-day booster packs or Premium Service. To reflect this the price has been reduced for the respective MyLoot supported currencies: USD and EUR.
Last but not least, if you buy the Steam Deluxe Pack from the myLoot store, you’ll immediately add to your stash of myCoins, which can be redeemed against other purchases in the future. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to try out the recently added Aspiring Divine Angel Chest, the Steam Deluxe Pack at myLoot represents a pretty good deal.

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