OceanView Update Coming Soon!

If winter isn’t your style and you’d rather be sitting on a private island away from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we have news for you: the OceanView Update is sailing closer!


Flip flop your way through an update packed with major bonuses on your way to lounge and relax on your own island estate... but don’t get too comfortable: Christmas just might need your help.

  • Oceanview Houses & Fitting Room: Take a break from that tiny cramped apartment and upgrade to an Ocean Villa on your very own private island! Personal showrooms and fitting rooms included!
  • Tree of Knowledge: Grinding takes soul. Use the Tree of Knowledge to complement and boost your character. Show off that soul investment through special effects and cool bonuses!
  • Christmas Event: What’s that? Christmas is in trouble? Band together, team up, and confederate to save Christmas! This in-game event is stocking stuffed with rewards!


Additional guides and feature announcements will be polished, packed, wrapped, and released before all the cookies and pies have disappeared!
Don't forget to visit our Winter Calendar and don't miss out on any cool rewards!


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