OceanView is now live!

Jingle Bells... Jingle bells... Jingle all the way... to the Bay... in your one horse open sleigh! From cold to sun, snow to sand, ice to margaritas; the OceanView update has gone live!

Sailing into the harbors of Nuanor, it promises to melt the mounting pressure of this tumultuous, holiday season with Sea Villas, Fitting Rooms, new methods of refinement, and a troubling Christmas event designed to challenge the wealthiest, mightiest, and wisest amongst you!
Will you choose to master new realms of refinement? Purchase your own private island estate? Assemble a large showroom for your fashion collection? Construct a Villa? Greet our winter challenge with festive determination? The decision is yours!
Wade into the tide and submerge yourself in a sea of new features, equipment, and private islands!


Surfs Up and don't forget to visit our Winter Calendar to not miss out on any cool rewards!


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