New Sulan Loading Screen Contest - Winners Announced

Last month we asked you to create a new loading screen in celebration of the release of New Sulan, and, despite the high levels of anticipation for the most recent update, many of you found the time to devise some stunning images. So good were the entries in fact, that instead of having five winning screens being incorporated into the game, we’re going to have seven!

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1st – Kisara Fury
2nd – Yué
3rd – MomoKitsune
4th – Ariia
5th – DT Gaming

Congratulations to all of the listed winners, who as well as seeing their imagery in-game, will each be receiving 1,500 Aurums for their efforts. Extra mention must go to winner Kisara Fury, however, whose other two entries were so good that we’ve decided they’ll be joining the winners’ artworks in-game.

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