New Sulan: Dungeons and Raids

The upcoming New Sulan update has many new features that we’ll be talking about, but for this second update we are focusing on the remodeled dungeon system, as part of which some Achievements will no longer be obtainable as difficulty modes are streamlined for the following dungeons:

  • Altar of Swords
  • Darkfall
  • Deserted Shrine
  • Eternal Chasm
  • Grand Bulwark
  • Mech Citadel
  • Misty Hollow
  • Tower of Pain

In addition to the difficulty level changes in the New Sulan update, Trial Dungeons will no longer be accessible. Specifically, both Tower of Pain Trial and Misty Hollow Trial will no longer exist. In addition, while Tower of Pain will retain its Challenge Mode, the Misty Hollow Dungeon Raid will be removed.
The way the difficulty changes will work is that on Normal you will be able to enter each dungeon up to twenty times per week. Higher difficulty levels will allow more limited access to the dungeons - once or twice a day, depending on the dungeon.
For all difficulties there will be new prizes and, as you complete a dungeon, you will receive three rewards of different value. The further you progress, the better the reward you will receive. What's more, you can collect rewards of each type up to ten times a week!
There will also be a Heroic difficulty level that will feature for some of the dungeons. Heroic difficulty will enable you to obtain the best possible gear for your level. In addition, there will be also new Server Firsts for the Deserted Shrine (Epic) and Mech Citadel (Epic) dungeons.
In relation to soon-to-be legacy achievements, aka "Memorial Achievements", here is the complete list. Make sure to get them before New Sulan goes live!
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