New 24-day login celebration!

Via a login event to celebrate the new year, there’ll be a new currency put into circulation, Phoenix Marks. You’ll be able to earn them by completing daily Road to Greatness activities, that you can then exchange for all sorts of useful stuff. However, don’t bank on your Phoenix Marks as a long-term investment, because on February 15 any that are unspent will disappear for good and only what you spent them on will remain.
Day 1 of the event is January 23 (00:00 CET) when all are invited to start their new currency collection via their Road to Greatness activity tracker. It’s also the day that you’ll notice a lantern icon in the top-right corner of the screen, which will bring up the Login Event Celebration Shop. The shop will open at 10:00am server time. Items there will be limited to a certain number and can only be purchased either with Phoenix Marks or Bronze Shards - you won’t get to choose between the two, however, the store will be refreshing stock and asking currency every six hours (or whenever you make a purchase).
If you start late or miss a day, don’t worry. So long as you bear in mind that day 24 of the celebration event - February 15 (23:55 CET) - is when all unspent Phoenix Marks will cease to exist. Make sure you log in when you can, complete your assigned activities and invest wisely before that time!


Issues and support

There are a couple of things to be wary of during the event. One is that you could find yourself auto-pathing to an NPC called Jaga the Phantom. If so, either break free or ignore their absence. Secondly, you may see something called Flame Pearl available from the Login Event Celebration Shop, which you should avoid purchasing as it currently has no use in the game. Finally, if you experience a delay in receiving your Phoenix Marks, please wait 48 hours before contacting the support team. If the delay persists, please include a screengrab of your activity level to help with your claim.

Known Issues

  • The Login Event Celebration Shop is incorrectly named as the New Years Shop.
  • The "Available to purchase" is currently cut off in the UI. If you are unable to buy more of a specific item, it has most likely ran out of stock.
  • In the Buy Settings pop-up, the shopping list area appears in Chinese.

All of the above features will be fixed in a patch soon. We will provide details once these have been resolved.

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