More to spend your Regal Medals on

Legends of Nuanor, Revelation Online’s new PvP mode, is proving rather popular. However, the rewards for taking part, Regal Medals, have been stacking up and there’s been an expressed interest in there being more to spend them on. To that end, we’ve introduced a number of items - outfits and mounts among them - to the Legends of Nuanor Exchange that will directly benefit your main characters, and give you greater reason to not only spend your Regal Medals, but earn more of them as well.
There are two things to be aware of before you head off to blow your Regals. One is that the availability of many items - outfits especially - will be seasonal, which is to say that we’ll be removing some and adding others in a couple of months’ time (which we will of course announce in advance). The second thing is that the number of some items that you can buy from Uthan Brocker will be limited. You will only be able to buy one mount per month with Regal Medals, for example.
In other related news, we’re making Legends of Nuanor heroes available from the in-game shop, as well as from the MOBA vendor, to give you more flexibility in how you wish to add to your collection.
All these changes are coming soon, so you have a bit of time to stock up on extra Regals before the sale season kicks in.

Known Issue

The Hero Tokens in-game state that they can be traded for Regal Medals. This will come with a future update and currently does not function as expected. Please keep this in mind when purchasing the tokens.


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