Monthly Challenge August: Bulwark Blast

Heroes of Nuanor – while you may have explored every corner of the realm and squared off against all manner of perils, it’s time to test your mettle against something more… sporadic. Introducing custom challenges, a monthly event where we’ll be your quest provider! With special prizes on the line, we call upon you to fulfill a custom-made challenge every month – a challenge that could cover any aspect of Revelation Online. Dungeon related, exploration related, crafting related… Anything goes!


As part of the next Revelation Online challenge, you are hereby tasked with cleansing the Grand Bulwark!

During the month of August, you must conquer the Grand Bulwark (10man) at least 8 times via a maximum of 2 runs per week (though you may sidekick as much as you like). In addition, this challenge is based on your account (not a single character), meaning you can fulfill your duty across multiple characters (though only one prize can be acquired per account).

With the whole month of August at your disposal, you have ample time and freedom to rid Nuanor of the vermin that reside within the Bulwark and make the land a better place for travelers and tourists. A simple but noble (and rewarding) goal.

  • Clear the Grand Bulwark (10man) 8 times using any characters in your account.
  • Only one prize per account can be acquired.


Name Description
3 Bloodfang Colossus A mount that will allow you and 4 of your friends to travel around Nuanor in style for 30 days
4 Bovine Buddy A permanent companion that sits on your head while you journey through Nuanor

A salute goes out to all participants, past and present, for contributing to the well-being of Nuanor. Fight well, and remember that there will be even more rewards and challenges awaiting you next month!


Think you can come up with tricky or fun quests to test the community with? Then don’t hesitate to share your very own custom-challenge in the official custom-challenge thread! Maybe you will become the quest-master for a month.

Happy hunting, hero!

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