Monday Madness - Accessories!

Have a favorite outfit? Feel like it’s missing that little bit extra to make it perfect? No worries, we’ve got you covered!
Until August 24th, 14:00 CEST (5am PDT), for a limited time only you can get an assortment of cute and wonderful head accessories that will complement any outfit choice! Learn more about what we have in store for you this week!

Perfect your outfit

Got a new outfit? Want to find the finishing touches to go with it? Then our exclusive webshop offer is for you! Travel the world of Nuanor showing off one of these adorable head accessories, with a diverse choice you will never be without that perfect option for every occasion!

Item Description Price
1 Cow Hat Got Milk? Then the Cow Hat head accessory is just right for you. 382 Aurum
2 Black Cat Ranger Get ready for the future with the Black Cat Ranger head accessory. 382 Aurum
3 Happy Bear Blend in with the Ursids with the Happy Bear head accessory. 252 Aurum
4 Panda Never say no to the Panda head accessory. 187 Aurum
5 Little Angel Don't let your halo slip with the Little Angel head accessory. 57 Aurum
6 Little Devil Let the devil in you out with the Little Devil head accessory. 252 Aurum
7 Candle Never fear the darkness again with this handy candle head accessory. 122 Aurum
8 Jade Horns Stand out in a crowd sporting the Jade Horns head accessory. 83 Aurum

1 / 1
Cow Hat
Black Cat Ranger
Happy Bear
Little Angel
Little Devil
Jade Horns

Speed up in style!

New to Nuanor or just want to match your friends’ power? Want to stand out from the crowd for the next party at the hot springs? Visit our in-game mall and grab one of our four Packs to catch up with your friends in style! Remember, however, these items are unique so can only be opened once per character.

Item Description Permanent Discount
9 Starter Helper Pack A Starter pack containing what you need to begin your journey in Nuanor. 80%
10 Emerald Experience Pack The Emerald Experience pack contains items that will make boosting your stats that little bit easier. 72%
11 Fashion Pack For all the fashionista’s to get a new outfit and stand out in the crowd! 62%
12 Decisive Force XP Pack The Decisive Force XP pack contains everything an experienced player needs! 34%


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Hurry though - our Monday Madness offer ends on August 24th, 14:00 CEST (5am PDT)!

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