Mighty Chest of the Ancients available in store!

Available right now is the Mighty Chest of the Ancients, offering the chance to obtain the following in-game items:

  • Imitation Royal Ink x1
  • Imitation Royal Ink Residue x30
  • Ultimate Rune Fragment x1
  • Ink Jade x2
  • Argent Phlogiston x5
  • Divine Focus x1
  • Normal Rune Box x1
  • White Jade x3
  • Delicate Inlaid Box x2

The MY.GAMES Market is a web store that offers premium items for MY.GAMES titles under one virtual roof. Uniquely, by purchasing items for one game, you are awarded myCoins that can be redeemed against items for other MY.GAMES titles. In addition, you can earn myCoins just for taking part in special events and engaging with your community (keep an eye on the news for how).


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