You are destined to meet all manner of people during your travels through the bright and beautiful world of Nuanor, yet few are as harmonious or party loving as the Volopine – ‘raccoon-people’ being the standard first impression of awe-struck tourists who see them for the very first time.


The Volopine make their home in Emollion (west of Sidus Ur), but its people can be found all across Nuanor (Sulan, Sidus Ur, Fort Whetstone, Oneric Trials, Guild Base) serving as supporting characters for the main story, quest givers, vendors for all kinds of goods (foods, drinks, event items, and other valuables), and even as slayable NPCs for experience.

Volopine males look similar to raccoons on two legs, while the females look very much human in comparison, bar the giveaway detail that is their raccoon ears. This may or may not be related to their uncanny gift of transformation and illusion-weaving. If that wasn’t enough, they are also exceptional masters of brewery to boot.


The Volopine are a friendly race and live in harmony with the other races of Nuanor. They love to play games, drink, eat, and just want to have a good time, avoiding conflict whenever and wherever possible.

There are many travelers from all corners on Nuanor who will happily give everything to make the journey to the Volopine home of Emollion for a good time, such is its reputation. One example being that throughout each night in Emollion, you’ll see a firework show until dawn – such is their celebratory nature. The Volopine have some strong ties with the Fox people and Fox Deities of Nuanor, as well as the other 4 Deities, which players will learn about as they playthrough the story campaign.


The Volopine are their own faction in Revelation Online. In order to gain favor with the Volopine, players will be required to assist them with requests on the taskboard in Emollion. These tasks involve resolving any issues the residents may have and helping them get ready for their daily festival.
Once players reach high enough favor with the Volopine, they will be able to buy many valuables from Sunny Foxtail, including cooking materials, the pumpkin head ornament, and the wine jar/gourds cosmetic item.


We hope you all have a great time during your stay at Emollion!

-The Revelation Online Team

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