Meet our new Producer: Petr!

Hello everyone!
My name is Petr Lagun and I am the new global producer for Revelation Online. I've been working on MMORPGs for about 8 years and hope that this experience will help Revelation Online become better.


I’d like to inform you about some changes and news regarding the game:
The company has decided to change its operation strategy and in an effort to close the gaps between the West (Europe and North America) and Russian operation teams there will be a single producer for the Western and Russian markets - and that’s me!
For Revelation Online, it means that there will be less differences between the Russian versions and Western version of the game as we are hoping to unify the same client build, our current aim is to do this with our first unified build which is currently under the name “New Sulan”.
While we are working on this update, the team is preparing exciting and interesting events for PvP and PvE players.
This is all I want to say for now, I will appear again as soon as there is more new and interesting information to share! See you in the world of Nuanor!

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