In our previous article we gave you information on the energetic Akuta. Today, we will be teaching you all about the Guardians, who are known to be the most powerful demonslaying group in Nuanor!

The Guardians Background & Vision

The tales of long ago speak about the Ancestral Dragon and his demonslaying feats when he finally brought peace to Nuanor. The Dragon is the forefather of all Demonslayers and he is the at the center of all of the Guardians Faith. The Demonslayers have a vendetta against the demons. The Ancestral Dragon, who single handedly subjugated the demons, is the God the the Guardians! The Guardians are the scales that armor the Ancestral Dragon & the fury of the dragon that stirs in moments of injustice!


The Guardians Responsibilities

The Guardians command the Four Corps which consist of the Forest, Wind, Mountain and Fire corps. Each corps have their own responsibilities to carry out and they are all scattered throughout Nuanor.

  • The Wind Corps is scattered throughout Nuanor. They’re responsible for collecting information and intelligence.
  • The Forest Corps stay holed up in Fort Whetstone studying mythical power sources. Researching Arrays and Demonslaying runes to help progress the combat abilities of their fellow demonslayers.
  • The Mountain Corps are the true warriors of the Guardians and represent the Demonslayers most powerful section! They’re the military arm of the Guardians and responsible for carrying out the core duties of demonslaying!
  • The Fire Corps is the most important wing of the Guardians. They are responsible for recruiting and training new members so they become full-fledged demonslaying warriors.

Despite being divided into 4 Corps, every Guardian’s corp uphold the same responsibilities and values:

  • Devotion. They are faithful of the Ancestral Dragon and shall worship him until the end of time!
  • They value life. Every life is sacred. Theirs, yours, those of others, it matters not. It’s all sacred. They don’t throw away any life unless we can save more lives.
  • Demonslaying. Humans and demons have nothing in common. Our chief responsibility is to kill them. You must not show any mercy to the demonkind.


Ranks in the Guardians

The Guardians are the most disciplined and powerful demonslaying organization in Nuanor thanks to their strict structure and hierarchy.

The Great Wyrm is the highest office of the Guardians and commands the Four Dragons along with their respective Corps. There are supposedly two Grand Wyrms - Yin and Thunder. No one has seen Yin in person before and believe them to be a Legend. Thunder is no other than the Guardians most honorable, divine and invincible leader - Makato, Akuta’s Idol!

The Four Dragons of the Wind, Forest, Fire and Mountain serve as the leaders of their respective corps. Akuta is currently the acting person-in-charge of the Fire Corps!


Drakes & Serpents

The Drakes represent some of the most experienced, powerful high ranking officers within the Guardians. They’re numbered from Drake 1 all the way up to Drake 36. The number of Drakes are fixed, so there will never be more than 36 Drakes. Rankings are reset every year, where old warriors are replaced by new and stronger ones.

The Serpents are new recruits undergoing their probationary periods and can be divided into two rankings; those being the Hidden Serpents and the Ascending Serpents. The Hidden Serpents are youths adopted by the Guardian who have been orphaned in the war against the demons. The Ascending Serpents are other demonslayers who have proved their worth and wish to join the banners of the Guardians!


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