The Falmari - the favourite children of the sea god. They look both human and amphibious and live only on the coast, spending half of their time in the water. Members of this race will often visit Sulan, the sea capital, located in the west of the continent. But if you want to get a better look at these magnificent creatures that have emerged from the waves, the best thing to do is to visit the seaside.


The Falmari build their light but sturdy homes upon wooden stilts on sandy beaches. In their simple but characteristic architecture, you will easily make out the patterns of shells or large fish fins. They prefer cold blue tones that remind them of the sea.

These sophisticated creatures adore music and art. The inhabitants of Sulan regularly visit the beaches to observe how the girls of this sea race dance and hear them sing or play wondrous musical instruments. The Falmari have exquisite manners and refined speech. Despite their apparent fragility, they are brave warriors, hardened by a centuries-old enmity with the Darkscales, who have attacked ships and coastal villages from time immemorial.


As you explore the world of Nuanor, you are sure to meet members of this race. It is not easy to earn their trust, but if you manage to gain a good reputation among these creatures, they will be happy to welcome you as a guest and share gifts of the sea with you. Valiant heroes can wear traditional Falmari accessories as a sign of respect.


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