Madness Sale: Hairspray - November 20th, 2017

You look snazzy, hero, but sometimes an outfit can greatly benefit from something as simple as a change of hairstyle. So, feel like adding some extra flair to your current bling? Well then, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Until November 23rd (14:00 CET/05:00 PST), we’ll be trimming the price of multiple stylish haircuts, so get ready to travel the world of Nuanor and showcase your brand-new coiffure of choice:


Item Description Price
1 Warrior Hair (Male Only) Wear your hair like a Warrior with this male only hairstyle - Now 35% off! 577 Aurum
2 Ranger (Male Only) A short slick male hairstyle - Now 35% off! 577 Aurum
3 Top Knot (Female Only) Put your hair up with the female only Top Knot hairstyle - Now 35% off! 577 Aurum
4 Long Part (Female Only) Part your hair and fill your life with flare with the Long Part hairstyle - 35% off! 577 Aurum

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Warrior Hair
Top Knot
Long Part

Don’t let your dream of a new look be cut short – let your hair down, visit our web shop, check out all the exclusive offers and get ready to look fabulous!

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