Learn the Basics: Achievement Rewards

Earning Achievements has never been so rewarding! Avid Demonslayers are constantly collecting achievements across all areas of the game, whether that be socialising with friends or fighting off foes in the dungeons scattered around Nuanor.

As part of a system introduced with the Skyward World update, players can open the Achievement menu by pressing “Y” on their keyboards. From there, you are able to see an overview of your Achievements, your Achievement Rank, Weekly Objectives, Overall Progress, In-Progress Achievements and Achievements available in your current surrounding area.


Weekly Objectives:
Each week, three random achievements that you have not yet earned will appear in the Weekly Objective area of the Achievement menu. Complete these achievements to receive additional rewards.


Overall Progress and the List Tab:
Wondering how many achievements you have unlocked? By selecting Overall Progress, you are able to see your total percentage completion for each achievement category.


Current Area:
Some achievements are bound to specific areas in Ausgyth and Voras. Press the Current Area tab to see if there are any achievements you are missing in your surrounding area!

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Titles and Rewards:
Many achievements that can be earned give additional rewards upon completion. In the Titles tab, you can see all titles that are obtainable via Achievements and if you see one that you haven’t yet got, you can find out how to earn it! The Reward tab works similarly but instead shows cosmetics and consumable items which can be earned by completing hard to achieve achievements.

Achievement Rank and Bonuses:
Along the top of your Achievement interface, you will see your Rank displayed, on the right hand side there is a button titled “Bonus”. Select this to see an overview of rewards you can earn depending on your Achievement Rank. You can raise your Achievement rank by completing achievements and raising your achievement score.

Icon Rank Name Achievement Points Reward Name
ach1 Novitiate Scholar 500 Country Grass Hat
ach2 Abundant Talent 1000 Chucklehead's Disguise
ach3 Knows a Thing or Two 2000 Dewdrop Radiance
ach4 Learned in the Ways of the World 3000 Stroke of Genius
ach6 Cultivating Excellence 4000 Gourd Lord
ach5 Of Immense Talent 6000 Frypan of Justice
ach7 Excellence Among Mortals 8000 Whirlwind Parasol
ach8 Veteran Elite 10000 Achievement Apparel Pack
ach9 Traveler of the World 12000 Curly Surprise
ach10 Move the Four Seas 15000 x10 Morning Frost Dye
ach11 Immense Renown 20000 Astera's Backpack Adventure
ach12 Wanderer's Honor 25000 Silvermoon's Gift
ach13 Colossal Reputation 30000 Windrider Gunbai
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