June Login Event

To celebrate Heaven and Earth and the wonderful things it has brought, we bring to you a wonderful login event, just to say thanks! Ranging from Battle Companion Items, to an outfit a lot of you wanted to see again and even the new Lift Interaction, there’s something for everyone.
From June 18, 00:01 (server time) to June 26, 23:59 (server time), simply log in and meet the required points in the Road to Greatness! It couldn’t be easier than that. Once you’ve met the points requirement, your rewards will be sent to your Web Inventory.
What’s up for grabs, you ask? Wonder no more, check it out!

Day Name Amount of Points Required
1 1 Exquisite Synergy Horn x25 20
2 2 Exquisite Essence Pill x10 20
3 3 Trinity Amethyst x1 20
4 3 Trinity Amber x1 20
5 4 Lycoris Dew x50 20
6 5 Bai Zhe Companion Scroll III x1 20
7 6 Black Hawk x1 20
8 6 Sunset Stream x1 20
9 6 Crude Repair Pack x3 20
10 7 Raise Up High x1 20

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