Journeyman Alliance

Introducing the Journeyman Alliance – an organization of scholarly mentors and mentees that is strongly hinted to being an off-branch of the equally-scholarly Immortal Annex. Despite the Alliance being primarily based in Sulan Gardens, it is not uncommon to find its members throughout Nuanor, especially in places such as the Divine Overlook.


The organization’s purpose is to seek out, advise and train new mentees so that they, too, can one day take on the mantle of mentor, thus causing a cyclic rotation of knowledge that benefits everyone willing to embrace this simple ideal.


Despite the long and tedious process that such a concept involves, the goal itself is very clear: to ensure that no newcomer is left without the knowledge and skills required to be successful, and that they, too, will one day share the same knowledge they received to another in need.


As charitable and noble as this organization is, not everyone can actually join it or become a mentor, for it targets heroes who fulfil certain requirements before becoming official representatives of the Journeyman Alliance. For a start, potential mentors must first be level 49+, complete a specific quest-chain, then acquire a mentee(s) to become a mentor. Should you achieve these feats, the real challenge begins!


As a mentor, you must teach your mentee(s) the necessary knowledge and skills required to succeed within the world of Nuanor, helping them to grow and flourish. The end goal of the mentor is to see the day that their mentees graduate to become a full-fledged mentor themselves.


To acquire favor with the Journeyman Alliance, the mentor and mentee(s) must complete daily quests given out by Journeyman Alliance NPC’s that require cooperation as a test of their bond.
Have you the kindness to teach Nuanor’s newcomers how to survive in the wilds? Will you stick by them long enough to witness them do the same for someone else in your honour when they become a mentor?

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