Introducing the guild feature on our forum!

Guilds are an essential part of every MMO. With them, you master the greatest challenges, celebrate victory and fume at the latest wipe. Guilds are your sanctuary; the place you can go to if you have had a hard day for a friendly chat.

Revelation Online is no exception and we already have various threads of guilds looking for suitable members. To help your own guild get started, we are proud to introduce this forum’s guild module as the first instalment of feature aimed at guilds!


The guild module will be added on to the forum today. It is here to help players to promote their guild and to organise and communicate with their members. The module will be in a test phase and as such during the first weeks of it being implemented the staff will directly select the guild leaders who will be among the first to test this and create a guild to try this feature!

The module will become the cornerstone for guilds to create ties to other guilds and help facilitate the making of alliances. It will also be used to help distribute goodies amongst other things. In the future, we plan to enrich this module with extra features or complementary ones such as a referral system.

Guild leaders from the forums will be the first to be appointed. However, if a guild leader has not been contacted by us, they can provide us with info about their guild and apply here to be considered for inclusion in the test phase.


For now, we would like to recommend that only the larger guilds and communities apply to partake in the first phase. For those guilds that are still trying to build up numbers we would advise to wait for the finalisation of the module, the completed module will in the long run help these communities leverage for more members. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback about the guild module!

Want to become a tester for the guild module? Click the image below to apply!


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