Tower of Pain

Built by four sacred beasts of old, the Tower of Pain is as inspiring as it is terrifying, serving as the primary location for one of the oldest spiritual challenges to ever be issued to mankind – opening its doors every 1,000 years to the latest generation of combatants willing to brave the climb to the top.


Created with the intention of strengthening the spirit world's connection to our own, the four mystical beasts responsible for its construction later sealed their very own essence within the tower to serve as keepers and guardians. These living reflections of the creators, forever bound to the solitary interior, dissuade the weak and unworthy from entering and test anyone who dares accept the challenge of reaching the pinnacle of the tower.


Now that a new millennium has hit and the doors are open once again, it is up to heroes like you to best these guardians in combat and ascend the Tower of Pain. Are you ready to prove yourself worthy of facing the spirit lord? Will you be the one to elevate the social status of your entire race by overcoming this ancient trial and becoming an envoy of the spirit world? If so, call upon your most reliable allies and sharpen your blades, for the battles are grueling and the climb is long.


This 5-man dungeon will test your very soul, throwing all manner of bosses your way with the sole intent of preventing you from ascending to the 8th floor pinnacle. Those who fail will be cast down into to a flaming pit, where beasts and monsters lay in wait for fresh meat to carve. Those who wish to re-climb the tower must survive this death-trap to prove themselves worthy of another attempt.


If that wasn’t enough, it would seem that the guardians like to bend the rules, quietly throwing alternate encounters at those who perform certain tactics and tasks during their ascent. It’s safe to say that those who enter the Tower of Pain should be ready for anything, and should not get too familiar with its keepers.


You have hereby been challenged, hero. Bolster your spirit and prepare to endure the trials and tribulations of the Tower of Pain, if you dare!

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