Imperial Wars Update Coming Soon!

You may have climbed the ladder on Moonsea, every PvP team reserves a spot just for you, and if players need some advice for their next clash, you are the go-to person. But can you help your server prevail against others? Will you overcome old rivalries and band together to fight for your server? The Imperial Wars Update is your chance to find out!
Our next major content update is packed with competitive elements such as:

  • Imperial Wars: Fight in a series of weeklong do-or-die match-ups between competing servers that go far beyond the PvP limitations of similar battlegrounds.
  • Class Focus: Improve your healing or damaging effects, reduce the damage taken and get the most out of your character!
  • Mercenaries: Hire fearless mercenaries to help you in battle! But don't expect loyalty - such warriors fight for whoever pays them.
  • Badges & Runes Update: Enhance your runes and badges with the new soul skill system!


More details will follow at a later date, so be sure to ready your weapons, gather your alliance, and make peace with your arch nemesis!

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