Iceborn Update now Live!

Heroes old and new are readying themselves for the battles that are about to start. Will you take up arms and join up with the majestic Wingar or side with the ferocious Ursids - The time to choose is here, as Iceborn is now live!

We hope you’ve prepared for the great battles which await you at the Guild Tournament, Inner Demons Trial and Snowpine Peak, three major features for players who like to indulge in fighting their foes and claiming glory for their guild!

Store Update - New Costumes and Accessories!

The in-game store has been updated with discounts and new outfits! Whether you want to attend the royal court with the Courtier’s Raiment or stand beside royalty themselves with the Vorion Raiment, you can with the latest fashion which hits the stores of Nuanor!

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Courtier’s Raiment paired with the Courtier’s Headdress
Vorion Raiment paired with the Aristocrat Fan

Check out the in-game store for more details and to try on the latest outfits and accessories!

What to Expect

Here’s a quick reminder of what awaits you with the Iceborn Update:

Guild Tournament

Friendly rivalries and bitter grudges will be created or concluded in our upcoming Guild Tournament feature!

Snowpine Peak

A bitter faction war is one of many challenges heading your way in the upcoming Iceborn update.

Inner Demons

There has been multiple sightings of strange portals that even Nuanor’s best and brightest can’t fully explain, though there are no doubts as to what exactly stepped through them – demons. This event is available on Sundays, every other week's!
* Please note: We are aware of issues regarding this content for the NA servers where it is not appearing in the Road to Greatness or the Events Panel. Our team is working hard on investigating this and resolving this before the event on Sunday. We will keep you updated.

First Time Top-up!

We are very grateful for the support from the community on Revelation Online, and we are proud to present our first-time purchase gift! Simply top-up your account with the selected top-ups to enrich your Iceborn experience with these glorious red Dragon Wings!


Bonus Precious Mount Boxes Offer is Ending!

It’s your last chance to benefit from our bonus Precious Mount Boxes offer when you top-up! You have until Thursday the 25th of May, 14:00 CEST (5am PDT) to benefit from this glorious offer. We will be shipping you the free Precious Mount Boxes on Tuesday, May 30th.


Make sure to visit our Download Page if you haven’t already downloaded the game. If you have downloaded the game before, you will need to download some additional content once you launch the client. To do so, just click the “Download” button in the Game Center.



For your convenience, we have compiled a shortlist of links that will help you get started:

Whether you want to tackle other foes on the battlefield in the name of your guild, or take the battle to Snowpine Peak to defend your favourite faction - everybody has the right to claim glory with the Iceborn Update!

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