Heaven and Earth: Zodiac Bosses - Snake and Dragon

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The Tranquil – Feng Qi

A man of a gentle temper, slender and feminine in appearance, Feng Qi was born of two different races in Nuanor. Because of this, he possessed powers of transformation, but never knew how to utilize it.


One day, he took it upon himself to leave his hometown and pursue his studies in his early life. On his quest for knowledge, he almost met his end in the most dangerous of situations. Much to his surprise, a passer-by by the name of Yue Zhang saved his life. Her noble beauty struck deep into his heart and he immediately fell in love with her. Much to his sadness, she could not see him as a man she could love, instead only someone she could care about.
Filled with sorrow and anger at rejection, he lost himself in these emotions. At this time, he found she was close to a much more masculine, burly male. This left his emotions in turmoil but gave him a sense of resolve and he was finally starting to become a man. The anger he felt, triggered his powers, and he finally learned how to transform himself. His first attempt failed, however, but instead transformed into something he desired; a towering man, muscular and strong. He sought out Yue Zhang time after time with this new power, but having learned he could change his form, she dismissed him each time.
Even having been rejected time and time again, he still enjoyed the pursuit of love with this woman. Suddenly, however, he learned that when he changes into the form of another person, his own existence will gradually fade from the minds of those who knew him.


After this realization, he received devastating news; Yue Zhang has gone to the west and sacrificed herself in battle. She took on a giant horned dragon that had threatened the land, taking it to the grave with her. Upon hearing this, he realized his shallowness, and was determined to dismiss such feelings. Deciding to return home, he was met with yet another tragedy. Because of his constant, arbitrary use of his power and the consequences it has, his parents had long since forgotten him. Even the concept of them having a son was erased from their minds.
Feng Qi, determined to convince them, repeatedly tried to explain that he is their son. Each time, they rejected the idea, not knowing who this man is. On one of his visits to persuade them, their lives were hanging in the balance as their home was attacked. Still a loyal son to parents who could not remember him, he gave his life to save them. As he drew his final breaths in the mortal world, he finally realised; no matter your appearance, you should try to live your own life, because what is worst than hating your existence, is not existing at all.

Judgement – Yue Zhang

Yue Zhang is both beautiful and powerful, instilling the aura of her noble nature in the hearts of the people. Despite her cold face, her heart is warm and her intentions pure. She is a kind-hearted, travelling hero of the land, boldly traveling alone, saving lives and lending a hand to those in need. Her actions alone earned her eternal respect from the people of Nuanor. Because of her actions, this led to the fateful day she saved Feng Qi’s life.


In her travels, she discovered that the Western Horned Dragon is about to take form, and its presence will bring disaster and destroy the world. Yue Zhang did not want to see the horror this would bring and took it upon herself to go to the West alone, resolved to kill this dragon and resolve the crisis before it got out of hand. The Western World belongs to the Illusion realm and can only be entered with the soul. The physical body cannot enter. If the soul has left the physical body for too long, the soul would be forced into the Spirit Realm. Although the dangers were heavy, Yue Zhang stood firm and had no hesitation to carry out her fateful task. Before going into the Spirit Realm, she left her physical body with a friend, who was also sheltered in the real world and left with confidence.


In the Western World, she overcame the Horned Dragon and despite her soul being wounded, she stood victorious. She left the West, seeking out her body, but could not find it. She quickly discovered that the “friends” she knew as the passer-by hero she was known to be, were quietly celebrating her death. It turns out, they were not courteous and respectful, but instead cared more about the reputation of vanity, and this was always held by Yue Zhang’s incomparable beauty.


She was greatly shocked, and because she could not find her physical body, she was forcibly thrown into the Spirit Realm. Her strife in combat against the Horned Dragon, on her initial entry into the Realm, has caught the Soul Queen’s attention. From here, the Queen reshaped her body and made her the Guardian of the Temple of the Twelve. Yue Zhang, forever grateful to the Queen for this rebirth, kept her cold and proud appearance, but underneath, harbors great loyalty to the Queen.

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