Heaven and Earth: Zodiac Bosses - Dog and Pig

The Prudent – Xi Ran

Xi Ran’s birthplace is unknown, even in the annals of history. All that is known of him, is that he was taken in and trained to be an assassin at a young age, living his everyday life with fear. While he was forced again and again to murder innocent people, all his heart longed for was a peaceful life.


In a far away village, he encountered a person by the name of Zhi Wei. He took it upon himself to secretly live in the village, just for the sake of peeking through her window, witnessing Zhi Wei’s innocently cute and satisfied face after ‘pigging out’ on all the food she could. For some peculiar reason, this gave him a sense of happiness.


Suddenly, on one fateful day, Xi Ran’s location was discovered by the enemies he made on his murderous assignments. They invaded the village and massacred it, filling a peaceful place with bloodshed. Right at the moment when Zhi Wei was about to fall prey to the blade of an invader, Xi Ran rushed out to save her life, confessing his feelings for her in the process.


His unconditional love for Zhi Wei caught the attention of the Queen of Souls. Wishing to see how long such a relationship could last, the Queen waited for them both in the Spirit Realm. There, Xi Ran could finally break the chains of his past and regain his teenage years, who simply wanted to live a peaceful life by Zhi Wei’s side.

The Innocent – Zhi Wei

Zhi Wei was born with the ability to read minds. This made her feel that the minds of people were simply too complex. She decided to isolate herself, to stay away from town and live a simple life; pigging out on delicious food, which was always her favorite pastime.


One time, as she was wandering the streets of her little village, fate decided to bring Xi Ran to pass by her. He quite quickly fell in love with her. She already sensed his presence, as her ability didn’t allow anyone to keep anything hidden from her. Vicariously, she could see how he felt about her, never forgetting it. In one unfortunate outing, she was found by the tribe she belonged to, and was punished. All five of her senses became poor, and she could no longer taste the flavors of food. But, for the sake of Xi Ran, the man she knew who loved her, returned to her home, pigging out on food by the window.


At the moment when Xi Ran’s enemies located him, Xi Ran rushed to save her life. As she saw the streets littered with the corpses of the invasion, she lost faith in the world she believed to be good, praying that she could really head to isolated place, where no human or creature could disturb her. In this depression, she took her own life, with the sole regret of not having a chance to get to know Xi Ran more.
The Queen of Souls heard this wish come from her, retaining her soul and abilities. In the Spirit Realm, Xi Ran and Zhi Wei truly managed to achieve their dreams. But, Zhe Wei did not reveal that secret, still keeping her innocent, cute demeanor of pigging out. After all, she could finally taste the sweetness of food once again.


This concludes our 6-part lore articles on the backgrounds of the Zodiacs! We hope you enjoyed them!

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