Heaven and Earth: Wedding System

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So, you’ve decided on marrying your significant other! How exciting! Well, let’s get right into how to proceed!

Getting Engaged

To get engaged with your significant other, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be in a pact
  • Be in a party together
  • Be the opposite Gender (Male and Female)

Once you’ve met these three requirements, purchase an Engagement Ring from the In-Game Store. There are two types! One will locally announce your engagement to the server, the other will announce your engagement on the cross-server channel! It’s your choice, how far do you want your love to be heard? Target your pact mate and use the ring. Be careful, if they reject your proposal by accident (or they really don’t want to marry), the ring will disappear, and you won’t be able to get it back!

Planning the Big Day!

Now you’ve agreed to get married, there’s so much to do! Head on over to Liamwyn, the Marriage NPC in the Sulan Tavern to set up your big day! When you set up the marriage, you can pick the size of your wedding. (This will increase the cost of Heartlink Stones needed to purchase your chosen ceremony.) You can fully customise the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen and invite your fellow in-game friends to witness your happy day! Once you’ve set up the style of wedding, the NPC outfits, the Bride and Groom outfits and the parade, you can then proceed to set an auspicious date and time for your wedding!
Once you have set up a date and time, you will get a timer pop-up in game, telling you how long until it’s time to make those vows!

The Ceremony, Parade and Newly Wed Chambers

Once your wedding begins, you will first enter the Ceremony Chamber. You and your invited guests enter and celebrate! Present boxes will be scattered around, you can gift Aurum to the Bride and Groom also. Once the Blessing Meter is full, you can then begin the marriage ceremony. Once complete, you will then take to the streets of Sulan in your carriage, to celebrate with the people of Ausgyth! Lots of wedding gifts will appear on the floor for everyone to take. Once the parade has come to a stop, a feast will begin, while the Newly Wedded couple can take to the Newly Wed Chambers to spend a night together. Additional Intimacy can be earned here.
Once the wedding has concluded, married couples will get rewards in their mail.


We at Revelation Online wish you the very best happy days and hope you enjoy your Wedding Ceremony!

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