Heaven and Earth: Quality of Life Changes

As with many big updates, more often than not, things change for the better! So, if you’re missing out on all the info, look no further! We’ll introduce you to the latest Quality of Life changes introduced to Revelation Online.

Cultivation Strip

Thinking of changing class, or perhaps you want a different book of the same type? You now can strip a Cultivation that was learned with a book and use the essence provided to buy another one of the same level/type! This comes especially handy with the Deathly Atoll Books, if you want to see how the others work. Press K in game and check it out! Go to a skill, select a cultivation and at the top right, you will see a button called “Strip”. Click this, and follow the pop-up instructions to get your essence. Once you’ve obtained your essence, go to your Class Book NPC, to select your new book to learn.

New UI Elements

Who doesn’t like a shinier new approach to a User Interface? Updated with Heaven and Earth, the Road to Greatness, Friend System and the Leaderboards have been given a fresh new look! Check out our guide on the Road to Greatness to learn more about its updated features. The Friend System has been updated to give it a shiny new look. You will now find people you recently partied up with in the very first tab, in case you need to reach someone. The Leaderboards have been given a fresh coat of paint and reorganized, for ease of access and put in their own categories.

Returnee System

Coming back to Revelation after a break? Welcome back! When you log in after being inactive, you’ll find the Returnee Panel. Open this and complete the short quests to earn heaps of XP and helpful items to get you back into the groove of the game!

The Grand Boutique

The Grand Boutique even received some love, albeit small! You will now find a new tab to filter all the weapon skins for your class. Happy shopping!

Reward Retrieval

Overslept your dailies? Had to step away from the game for a day? No problem! You can now catch up on your missed dailies with the Reward Retrieval panel. Spend Merit and Bronze Shards, or even Aurum, to receive what you missed for that day. This panel can be found in the Bonuses Menu.

Cosmetic Rating System

Every time you get a new piece of finely tailored fashion, you’ll be prompted to rate it! Let the proprietors of the boutique know what you think of your new rags, and in exchange you’ll receive handfuls of XP! Don’t miss out on it.
These are just some of the many changes that came in Heaven and Earth! Need some specifics? Head on over to our patch notes page to check it out.

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