Heaven and Earth: New Road to Greatness

Learn more about the Heaven and Earth Update!

In Heaven and Earth, the central hub for everyone’s daily activities gets a fresh new look, making it a lot easier to track what is done, what isn’t and even new rewards for achieving activity points! So, let’s dive into what’s new, aside from the shiny new appearance.

Event Date and Time Changes

  • The Deathly Atoll Quests can now be picked up and completed from 12:00 until 00:00 Server time. Elites will still spawn after 18:00
  • With the introduction of Duo Deathmatch, both event modes alternate weekly. For example, week 1 will be Single Player Deathmatch, week 2 will be Duo Deathmatch.


New Daily and Weekly Events

  • Duo Deathmatch: Sign up on Saturday before 14:55 with a partner and fight to win in the 2-player version of Deathmatch!
  • Daily Guild Sign-In: Sign into your guild to receive rewards! From 19:00 until 23:00, you can collect your rewards from the Guild Manager, which includes Fealty and Bronze Shards.
  • Shifty Dodgy has been added to the Road to Greatness.


Daily Reward Changes

With new features coming, the daily activity rewards have been changed! Check out what you can earn:

  • 20 Points – Valuable Synergy Horn x2 (This is an item to increase intimacy with a Battle Companion)
  • 40 Points – Faerie’s Trove (A map, like the Peculiar Treasure Maps. Follow it for rewards!)
  • 60 Points – Peculiar Ticket x2
  • 80 Points – Tourmaline Shard x2
  • 90 Points – Lycoris Dew x2 (This item is used when Purifying your Battle Companions Attribute Credentials)
  • 100 Points – Pouch of Pensive Participation (Open to gain Imperial Coins)


New Weekly Activity System

Alongside your daily activity rewards, you can now earn weekly activity rewards for your hard work!
Here’s how many weekly points are required and what you can earn:

  • 400 Points – Vanisher Scroll x3
  • 700 Points – Ausgyth Gift Crate
  • 850 Points – Weekly Activity Gift (Open this to obtain items such as: Azure Tickets, Red Tickets, Divine Dao, Bronze Flames, Hematite I, Argent Phlogiston, Rainbow Boxes, Jadefeather Gifts, Mount Spirit Gifts or Ausgyth Gift Boxes)


Get Strong!

This tab has been updated to give you an in-depth view of your overall Character Power. From calculating how strong your talisman is, to your gear, and Battle Companions, it gives you the ability to see which area you need to work on the most.


This is just one of many exciting features coming in Heaven and Earth, stay tuned for more info!

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