Heaven and Earth: Family Oath System

Heaven and Earth arrives on May 27! Learn more about the update!

Introduced in Heaven and Earth is the new Family Oath system! A party of up to 5 people can get together and create a family for extra rewards, buffs and more. Want to know more? Let’s get started!


Head over to Ersich Forest and speak with the Family Oath NPC Shiyan to get started!
You can only form a Family Oath in a party of 3 people, up to 5 people maximum, from level 29!

Family Oath Formation

  • The party leader must create a Family Title, with agreement from all members.
  • With confirmation from all party members, all members must decide their position. (This will represent the arrangement of your family in the panel.)
  • Upon agreement, everyone must confirm to complete the Family Oath.


Family Oath Rewards

  • Each players first successful Family Oath will grant them a Family Oath Name Change Card
  • Players who equip their Family Title with another Family Member in a party will gain 2% Spell Resistance and 5% Additional EXP from Monsters slain.
  • Intimacy level with mutual family members has been increased.

These are the benefits to being in a Family Oath. Get your daily quest squad together, or your friends and form one!

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